Business GoalsIn order to be a successful online business owner it’s important to plan. Business like anything in life always work better when you have good plans. Even taking a trip works out better when you have a map or use GPS.

Thorough business planning is like GPS for your business.  You’ll be able to choose where you’re going based on actual evidence of where you’ve been and the goals you create from your plans.


When you first start a business, during the start up phase a business plan is created. This business plan helps a business owner determine if their ideas are feasible or not. It also establishes a budget, and forecasts future income based on possible sales due to the marketing activities planned for in the business plan. As long as the assumptions made in the business plan are made based on research and education the numbers shouldn’t be far from reality.

Even after your business is established, there are times where you have to plan more. For instance, when you create a new product or service. Research must be done, strategy must be made, and tactics identified in order to ensure that the new product or service becomes a profitable addition to your online business. Without planning, creating a new successful product or service is a crap shoot. You don’t want your business to be a crap shoot.

Therefore,  when you have goals you can also create a plan to reach them. When you set a goal, be clear and precise on what the goal is. A goal is not a wish. It is something that is truly achievable if the steps to reach that goal are implemented. For instance, let’s say that one of your goals is to double your income within 12 months. You will need to state exactly how you will actually reach that goal. Will you sell more product? How many more products will you need to sell per year, month, week and day? How exactly will you sell more product?   What steps will you take to sell more product? How will you change your marketing that you currently do?

With proper planning in every aspect of your online business, you will be more likely to reach each goal that you set. By setting a goal, and then planning out the steps to take in order to reach that goal, you will identify possible roadblocks to success. Your research will identify issues and concerns. For instance ,with the above example of selling more product, perhaps you will discover that selling more product is impossible.

Therefore, you will have to come up with another plan to generate more income. Perhaps, during research you’ll discover that your target audience has another need that you can fill with a new product that will generate the need sales to double your income in 12 months. You may even identify more than one possible avenue to reaching your income goals. Without the planning phase you will miss out on the truth potential of your business. Business planning for your online business is an essential component to helping you reach your business goals :)

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  1. Jim Sanchez

    Hi Cedric,

    One of my goal in 2013 is to build my first complete sale funnel with squeeze page, oto, download page and follow up serie.

    Wish me luck!


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