Cedric AubryI thought some people might be interested to know a little bit about me and how I got started marketing online. If not then head on over to today’s post :-)

My name is Cedric Aubry I am French Canadian from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I’ve lived here all my life and I currently have no intentions on leaving.

I am a Real person, just like you.

When I first got started online, I was barely able to write in english and i was a real newbie with is first computer, this was a long learning curve for me, like most people I made a lot of mistakes, probably more that i will never admit.

I owe alot of my success to everyone that has helped me and I’ve learned from along the way. People like Craig Haywood, James Grandstaff, Gabriel Aguinaga, Pedro Sardinha and Eva Browne-Patterson just to name a few. Especially Mike Filsaime for teaching me his powerful Butterfly Marketing concepts.

I was able to quit my full time JOB in January 2009 and I’ve been living the internet lifestyle ever since. ;)

Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t happen over night; nor was it easy. It took me nearly 5 years of trial and error to figure out how to make a profit.

I’m a slow learner I guess.

Chances are you are here because you have similar interests I do, perhaps you’re getting started with your home-based business, or perhaps you’ve been online for years; whatever the case may be… I will try my best to bring you the latest money making tips & tricks…

Well, thats me in a nutshell. I invite you to leave a comment and introduce yourself to me. :-)

To Your Success,


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90 Responses to “About Cedric”

  1. Bill Connelly


    Like usaual, I am impressed with all you do!

    That is why I invite you and any of your TEAM to get involved with the LEADER in the Personal Development Field… Success University!

    All the top internet guru marketers are involved, you will ge in GREAT hands!

    Join today, risk free!


    Be blessed and proud of the work you are doing!

    Bill Connelly
    Personal Development Director
    Success University

  2. Cedric Aubry

    Hi Bill,

    Thank for your nice comment :)

    I join Success University about 1 month
    ago and i’m very happy with it, my goal is
    to reach counselor by the end of this
    month ;)

    Once again thank for your comment Bill

    Kind Regards,

  3. Shaun Baird

    Hi cedric – just bought your $7 report from pedro.

    thks ;-))

    am launching my own $7 product on Friday – can’t wait!

  4. Cedric Aubry

    Hey Shaun, very happy That you got the
    report from Pedro :)

    The report is converting like crazy for
    the past 10 days.

    Good luck with your own launch on Friday Shaun :)

    All The best,

  5. Dusty Rhodes

    Hi Cedric,

    Actually, you and I have been communicating with each other by email for well over a year now.

    When I saw you’re name at the bottom of the sales page, I said to myself “I know Cedric, and I’ll purchase this book from him.

    I’m anxious to learn what the book can teach me.

    To your continued success.

  6. Herman Jensen


    After you explaining a few things to me I have read your site here of (All About me ) and am very impressed with what you have done so far. You see I am just a beginner myself and 78 years old and it is awful hard for me to learn. Until now all I have done is run trucks for a living . I do believe with your help I may just start to learn something. One of the first is to keep my big mouth shut until I find out what is going on. Hope you understand what I am talking about.

    Keep up the Good Work
    Herman Jensen
    Nickname of ( Hank )

  7. T.M. Harris

    Hey, love the blog, man. You seem like a stand up guy who knows what he’s talking about, so I’m hooked.

    I’d love to see an email list, since I’m not really into RSS feeds.

    But keep up the good work, and let me know when you do have an email list function so I can subscribe.

    T.M. Harris

  8. Daniel Tetreault

    Hi, Cedric.

    I have been watching you and your growth online over the past few years. It is nice to see a fellow French-Canadian have success on the web. It just goes to show you that success is more about perseverence and determination – not to mention those long hard nights staying up past midnight to get things done; especially when you have family and other obligations.

    Way to go, Cedric! I wish you continued success.


    Daniel Tetreault.

  9. Cedric Aubry

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank for your nice comment ;)

    Like you mention this is all about perseverence and determination, when I start my business the language barrier was huge for me, I was not very good in english and I could spent hours writing a email promotion and answering emails.

    Like anything else in life when you practice a lot you get better at it :)

    To Your Success,
    Cedric Aubry

  10. GullBeaver

    Hi All You Frenchies,

    I found it refreshing to read your
    comments. I’ve been reading a lot
    about France of late, so I was trying
    to relate my perceptions about u
    guys, with things prevailing in
    my world here in India.

    All I can say is that I enjoyed
    every word I read straight from the
    great Frenchmen. You guys will
    progress a lot if u convert this
    whole exercise into French and sell
    it all over Europe, as French is a
    major European lingo. Moreover, $7
    will agree with a lot of pockets.

    I understand there is a Baby-Doomer
    generation reeling under economic
    strain all over Europe. Help them
    all, and I feel you’ll help yourself.

    Regards….GullBeaver….From Inde

  11. Daniel Tetreault

    Hi, Cedric.

    Yeah, me again! I really like your site design. It has the feel of one of those Blogger or WordPress blogs.

    How do you have your own domain name AND have the template and working feel of a Public Blog?



  12. Kay Nowicki

    Hi Cedric,

    i do hope you don’t mind getting this email in all small letters. i sprung my right wrist a few days ago, and wouldn’t you know i’m right handed.

    i just wanted to let you know i can’t do much at all on the pc on account of it…..so i won’t be able to promote til my wrist gets well. the doctor said it would be about six to eight weeks. just as soon as i can i will promote it.


    kay nowicki

  13. David Egginton

    Hi Cedric

    I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me to get up and running after a few years in the wilderness. You are a true friend


  14. Ed

    I am new and am finding out all things new. Will check back later when more informed

    Ed Reik

  15. Cedric Aubry

    Hi Daniel,

    Well It Is a WordPress blog on my own domain :)

    This is Very easy to set up if you have your own domain and Access to a cpanel.

    There a icon in your cpanel call fantastico, this will create a blog with just a couple clicks of your mousse :)

    My theme for this blog is “MistyLook 2.0”

    There thousand’s of Theme available


    Do A google search you will find plenty of link.

    Hey GullBeaver Thank for visiting my Blog :)

    Yeah I’m french but Not From France, I’m from Montreal, Quebec.

    I Agree with you there a Great market In French
    for $7 products or affiliate marketing.

    Hi Kay, Hopefully your wrist is better :)

    David, Thank for visiting my Blog and For Your Nice Comment, My Door is always open to help my subscribers,Customers and Friend :)

    Here’s To Your Success,
    Cedric Aubry

  16. Sunny

    Well Cedric,I will say that you must have acted in Harry Potter’s movie as the handsome man also called Cedric.Your picture is the absolute description of that character’s appearence.I guess you don’t mind that :-)
    Anyway,I just wanted to ask you that how can I earn maximum or say optimum revenue from PPC ,e.gadsense,yahoo,msn anyone.

  17. David Couture

    Hey Cedric,

    I have been away for a while. You are looking great. It looks as though you are doing well in
    online marketing. Keep up the good work, and
    keep in touch.


  18. steve O'Connor


    Can you please tell me how much it would be to advertise http://www.uvmetraining.com/uvme on your site.

    This is a brand new business currently in Pre-Pre Launch and I would like to get my message out to as many people as possible.

    I have a banner 160 x 600 Skyscraper I would like to trial advertise for 2 weeks. You can see the banner on the right hand side bar on http://www.laytheodds.com and http://www.deanhunt.com – If this is too large, I also have a 468 x 60 banner we could use.

    I am interested in doing this as soon as possible if you are able to. Please can you let me know your rates.

    Many Thanks

  19. Cedric Aubry

    Hey David,

    Thank for visiting my Blog :)

    Yeah Long time since we last Chat.

    Hope everything is going well for you.

    hope to chat with you soon.

    Hello Sunny, I will love to point you in the right direction for your PPC campaign but i’m far from being a PPC expert.

    I prefer to send traffic to my site Via solo ads or Mailing in list building site, Visit my Traffic Resources area , you will find plenty of place where to advertise your business :)

    Here the Link:

    I’m a Huge Harry Potter Fan, so thank for the comparison with Cedric Diggory ;)

    Steve, Thank for visting my Blog, for now i’m not selling any advertisement on my blog..Sorry

    One Of my Good Buddy Jason Oickle is selling advertisement on is Blog, you may get more Info from this Link:


    Good Luck with your EVO business.

    Thank everyone for visting and for leaving a comment ;)

    To Your Online Success,
    Cedric Aubry

  20. Breda

    Hello Cedric! I read your introdusing and congratulate you for your success. For me is English also a strange linguage and I do not it well. I am an ignorant with the computer. Thank you for your gift I have just printed it. Where will you put the link with my name? I would like to see it.
    About is the name of my free website. I didn’t make it myself.
    Many regards Breda

  21. Domenic Dinezza

    Hi, Cedric we actually don’t live to far from each other, because I’m also in Montreal. I have been reading some of the articles on your blog and I’m happy for your success in online marketing. The reason I mention this is that I’m struggling to try and become an online marketer, I’m what people would call a newbie so I’m still in the learning process which could get very expensive and all I’ve been getting so far is product overload and a lighter wallet.I will try and keep your site in mind and see if I can’t learn something at the same time.
    Hoping to become FRIENDS.

  22. Cedric Aubry

    Hi Domenic,

    Thank for visiting my blog ;)

    Happy to know that you are also from Montreal.

    What happen when you have too much information
    is that in most case you end up doing nothing, most
    peoples d’ont know how to get started.

    In my opinion your first priority should be to get a hosting account and auto responder.

    After that you do what i’m doing..not very complicate..

    – Build a lead capture page to build your list.

    – Create a One-time offer or special deal when peoples Opt-in to your list.

    – Follow up with your new subscribers via your auto responder.

    Just repeat those step over and over again.

    Probably look hard like that, but it’s not.

    There plenty of report out there with Private label right that you just edit and put your name on it, you change a couple things and Voila you have something Pretty Unique to give away to build your list.

    Now for the OTO or special Offer, I really like
    OTO goldmine, you Join For Free, set up your campaign and in under 5 minutes you will have a One time offer.

    Here the link for Oto Goldmine:

    To see a example of all this process in action,
    visit this link:


    Hope this help, let me know :)

    Cedric Aubry

  23. alex wong

    Cedric Aubry,

    This blog – and especially this post – totally rock. I have been searching for a while for a good source of information on how to monetize my blog, which I just started. I’ll be spending some time perusing your site, for sure. When I first started blogging a month or so ago, I did it as part of a class assignment. But as I got into it, I got sucked in. I absolutely love it, and I can make money at it, too. How cool would it be to get paid to write? Thanks again!

    Alex Wong

  24. Bonnie Trepanier

    Hi Cedric: I have just bought a couple of your products including the membership to Niches In a Box,
    plus the Blog eBook. I had to really take a breath, because I, too, am a newbie. You are probably my last hoorah. I have pretty well met the end of my funding for making money online. But, I decided to give your offers one last try. God willing I will be back Thanking you with all of my heart. In fact, please let me thank you in advance. I have a feeling that your sites may be just the thing that clicks for me.

    To your continued success.

    Bonnie Trepanier

    P.S. My father-in-law was a French Canadian — so, I am not unfamiliar with french men.

  25. Cedric Aubry

    Hey Mark,

    Thank for visiting my Blog.

    To answer your questions, NO this is not a plugin.

    To add a Optin box On The Upper right side of your blog, You simply need to edit your sidebar.php files.

    I see On Your Blog That You have The Blog Rush code, so you should be able to add your optin box in your sidebar :)

    Here the directive.

    First you will need to get your auto responder code from Your Auto responder provider.

    Once you have your auto responder code.

    login to your blog admin.


    1) Presentation
    2) Theme editor
    3) Locate your sidebar.php files and click on it.

    Now the first thing I suggest is to copy all the code from sidebar.php in notepad, In case something go wrong, you will have a copy of the code.

    Next you copy and paste your auto responder code
    in there. In your case this will be just before your Blogrush code.

    In less than 10 minutes you should have your Optin form on your blog.

    Hopefully this will help, If not let me know by email and I will check it out for you.

    Thank again for visiting my blog and sorry for this late reply.

  26. Cedric Aubry

    Hey Alex,

    Great Blog :)

    I see you are a fast learner and you already start building your own list ;)

    I see More and more peoples from singapore having great success Online and Look to me that you are on the right track.

    This Must Be the Ewen Chia Effect..lol

    To Your Success Alex.

  27. Cedric Aubry

    Hello Bonnie,

    Thank for visiting the about section of my Blog and
    a Big thank for being a customers ;)

    I really Hope you enjoy Your Niche Blog affiliate Profits Package :)

    In your Bonus Section There a Great products call Easy Blog Traffic By Gobala Krishnan, This is a Must Read.

    Gobala Is One Of the Best Blogger I Know :)

    The Best Advice I could Give You Is To Focus and take Action.

    1) Build Your First Blog
    2) Create a landing Page to Give away something of Value

    Read the answer I post for Domenic, This is the Secret to my success.

    You Need to create your own Marketing Funnel.

    Where you reach out to your suspects, you
    convert those suspects into prospects with attractive advertisements. When those prospects visit your website you persuade them to become subscribers and, hopefully, to customers too.

    From there You follow up with your subscribers and customers with other relate products and special customers offer.

    Rince and Repeat..

    Any questions, let me Know ;)

    Thank again for allowing me to earn your business.

    Kind Regards,
    Cedric Aubry

  28. Alan Hansen

    Cedric, really enjoyed browsing your site. Some good tips! Noticed you are not publishing MyPowerMall. Thought with your network, this would be a great supplemental business.

    Free to all including marketing tools. Earn rebates from everything you buy from over 1000 stores. Good for marketers in all countries. You can also earn from up to nine levels.

    Take a look and join up.


    All the best,
    (Lawrenceville, GA, USA)

  29. Daniel

    Hello Cedric,

    I am a subscriber of yours and a fellow internet marketer who is also from Canada.

    I could not find a place to contact you, so I thought that I would post here.

    I have been working on a project that has attracted the interest of many “other” marketers and I feel that you may be interested in as well.

    Contact me for further information.


  30. Cedric Aubry

    Hey Dan,

    If You are one of my subscribers, just reply to one of the email you receive from me and I should get back to you ;)

    Or just shoot me a email at
    cedric AT affiliatesecret.ws

    Really need to put a support desk together, this should be one of my new year resolution..lol

    Thank for Visiting my blog.


  31. Cedric Aubry

    Hello Robert,

    Thank for visiting my Blog and Thank for your nice comment, I really appreciate :)

    Wishing You the Best and Most Profitable 2008 :)

    Kind Regards,

  32. Charles Houle

    Hello Cedric,

    I’m also french canadian from Gatineau, I enjoy browsing your blog and read your story.

    I’m pretty new to all this internet marketing stuff.

    But I believe with time and effort, I could also become a success like you.

    I pick up a good idea by reading your reply to Domenic. Thank

    A bientot,
    Charles Houle

  33. Franklin

    Hi Cedric,
    Let me say it is a pleasure to finally meet someone who is an Honest and average person,who is doing it himself.

    I am looking forward to knowing you and maybe copying your success.If hard work will do it,I am in..LOL But so far Sales elude me very well..

    Hope to do more business with you.
    Thank You,

  34. Bill

    You are doing ‘very well Cedric!

    I have been on line for quite some time
    now and I have learned more from your
    blog in 15 minutes than I have in the last
    3 months!

    You are appreciated,

    Universal blessings to you and yours.

  35. Annett

    Hi ,

    Wow, We realy like your website, we found lots of intresting information.
    You have a well built website with good links that are easy to follow.
    keep up the great work. We will soon be back to visit again.

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    Read the article. Link: http://www.linkbrander.com/go/59172

    All the best Jack & Annett.
    From England now living in Germany.

    Ps: Feel free to sign our guestbook on our blog page and leave a link
    to your main website…. Thanks again for the Info.

  36. Keval

    Hi Cedric

    Can you please remove my previous comment just placed because I did it by mistake. I actually wanted to email you it personally.


  37. Gina Smart

    Recently AudioAcrobat lost the developer that created their site when he started his own service at PubClip.com.

    PubClip.com is a new service (was launched just this summer, 2008) and has all the same features as the AudioAcrobat but is under active development and is open to suggestions. Pricing is about the same, but the affiliate program pays out at 35% on a recurring monthly basis.

    Help us get the word out, and earn a recurring 35% of every sale when you refer a new customer. If you want to try it for FREE go to http://www.pubclip.com

  38. Lazarus

    Hello Cedric

    Do you offer any ebooks or ecourse in French language ? I have many friends who need materials in French. Entire IM biz spins around only in English, but there are more than enough interests in French speaking community. So please consider ….

    I live in Tahiti among all the French speaking people down here.

  39. Cedric Aubry

    Hi Lazarus,

    You are right the french market is groing.

    I am almost done with my first site in french, in fact should launch next week :)

    Still have a few things to tweak but you may take a look here.


    I’m looking for testimonial, so feel free to send me one if you like what you see.

    A bientot,
    Cedric Aubry

  40. Rune F - MlmProNews

    Hi Cedric

    Just dropping by to say hi.

    I have seen that you are visiting my blog at
    every now and then.

    Yep – I have seen your face on the
    Blog Log widget.

    Nice tool by the way, I see you have it here too.

    Also, I’d like to thank you for signing
    up with me in a few programs.

    Feel free to contact me any time.

    Have a fantastic day

    Rune F
    CEO MlmProNews

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