Every website owner wants to get more targeted visitors to visit their website. It is imperative that any content you put on your website is keyword rich content that is dedicated and devoted to your target audience and stays within your particular niche. You can’t be everything to your target audience but you can be everything within your niche to your target audience. Once you have the idea of a niche and target audience down pat it’s time to put that into action and get more targeted traffic.

It is important to do the following often, regularly, and strategically. With each campaign whether you choose a new topic monthly, quarterly or on some other schedule.

Here are five surefire ways to get more targeted website traffic!

Article Marketing — Create at five to ten 500 to 700 word keyword rich articles that are about your niche topic but very general. These articles should offer good advice, engage readers, and hopefully entice them to click on your link that resides in your bio to see more without overtly advertising.

Create Keyword Rich Blog Posts — On your own website you should have keyword rich blog posts at least three to five times per week for at least a year. Having frequently updated content on your website will get more targeted visitors because the search engines are going to promote you more if you have appropriate keyword rich content.

Guest Blog — This is a very important activity that enables you to essentially use other people’s traffic. Network with others who sell to your target audience, but sell different products and services than you do. Offer to allow them to guest blog on your website and you do the same on theirs. You can even have a complete blogging tour among your network.

Promote via Social Media — Promote every last item above on your social media accounts and ask your visitors, friends, and guests to do the same. By using social media to promote each and every addition of relevant content from new blog posts, to new articles, to guest posts, to new products you will create a rush of traffic that is targeted and hungry for the information that you offer.

eMail Messages — Send out email messages that are indicative of the new topic at hand to those who have signed up for your list, give them permission to pass on your newsletter so that you can get new people to read your newsletter and click through to your site. Sending out teasers is a good way, or creating a new email course specifically for the new topic will get excitement and curiosity peaked. Ask your guest bloggers, and those for whom you guest blog to also promote via their email lists.

Keep it all Organized — If you do not have any idea of where you want to go you’re never going to get there. Use a publication calendar to help you reach your goals. Choose your topics in advance, as well as the products you wish to promote in advance. Once you create the list of topics, and products for each topic, it’s as simple as repeating the process over and over again.

To Your Traffic Success!

Cedric Aubry

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