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Organic Traffic – How To Boost Organic Traffic To Your Blog

On-Site SEO involves manually optimizing every page on your website, from its title tag, keywords used within content to the way that your sitemap or overall structure is created.

All of the work of on-site Seo takes place directly on your website and is in your full control. When it comes to on-site SEO, there are very important factors regarding the actual structure and anatomy of your website that you need to pay special attention to in order to effectively optimize your website for top search engine rankings:

1. Keywords

2. Title Tags ( per page)

3. Meta Description

4. Site Map Inclusion

Title Tags

A title tag should include a description of what your website is about, rather than just including your website’s URL, you should always incorporate your primary keyword phrase into the title tags of each webpage you own.

Head Tags

Header Tags also play an important part in search engine optimization, because by using head tags within your website’s content, you are able to highlight important text on your website, ensuring that search engine spiders pay special attention to the text contained within these head tags.

Site Maps

Another very important element to SEO is including a sitemap on your website.  What a sitemap does is helps both visitors and search engine spiders navigate their way throughout your pages and categories, by outlining all of the different areas of your site.

You can create a sitemap very easily by using free services such as:


When it comes to developing your content so that you are optimizing your website for the search engines, you should pay attention to keyword proximity, prominence as well as the order of your content itself. The prominence of your keyword is based on the first instance of where it appears within your content.

A keyword phrase that is used at the end of your content will be considered less relevant than a keyword phrase that appears in the first portion of your content or article.

This means that you need to ensure that you implement your primary keyword phrases into the first half of your content so that it is given more weight when search engine spiders index your website.

Keyword proximity is also very important in terms of search engine rankings because it indicates to the search engines that these keywords are related to one another.

Off-Site SEO Traffic Tips

With off-site SEO, you are focusing on building solid backlinks to your website, as the more incoming links to your site from quality, relevant websites, the more authority your website is given in the search engines.

Place emphasis on the quality of your incoming backlinks rather than the quantity of backlinks you have. While the more backlinks in circulation, the better, if you have more backlinks coming in from solid, established and authority websites, they WILL carry more weight than those pointing to your site from start-up websites and blogs.

You also want to try to create a backlink campaign that has ONE WAY backlinks, where you are not required to provide a reciprocal link, as it will add more value to the backlinks pointing to your site.

Social Bookmarks

Here are the top 10 social bookmarking websites for generating fresh backlinks to your site. All of these contain DO follow, ensuring links leading to your website will count on the search engines as a valid backlink:

1 – (PR9)

2 – (PR8)

3 – (PR8)

4- (PR7)

5 – (PR7)

6 – (PR7)

7 – (PR7)

8 – (PR7)

9 – (PR7)

10 – (PR7)

How To Check Your Backlinks

To determine whether a specific blog will count as a link back, you can download the free Firefox plugin at

It’s also important to use anchor text within your blog comments, especially if you want to rank for various keyword phrases.

Final Tips

Remain Consistent! In order to maximize the performance of all of your traffic campaigns, you need to stay consistent, adding fresh new content to your websites and consistently maximizing exposure so you keep the momentum going!

Create squeeze and landing pages that will help you leverage your traffic by building targeted lists of subscribers.

That way, you can send out broadcasts and follow up emails with additional affiliate products as well as an equal balance of fresh, high-quality content.

Take action and work towards consistently expanding your outreach by implementing additional traffic strategies, and expanding on your existing ones.

To unlimited exposure and profits!

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