One of the most buzzworthy places to embed your own links these days is YouTube… attached, of course, to a buzzworthy video.

Answer a question – one that plagues a lot of people in your niche. Provide a short tutorial. Make the focus all about them, not you.  Don’t waste time introducing yourself for more than a few scant seconds, but plunge right in.

Make the video you wish someone had made for you, when you were starting out. And provide low-res (360) versions as well as high, for those who are still on dialup, or on plans that eat up minutes and megabytes.

How do you choose what to film? Get familiar with the site. See what’s popular on a day to day basis. Create a video series with a strong title.

What you call your video adds greatly not only to your SEO, but to its searchability – and Google does favor series. And make sure your title contains your keyword, as well as the word “video” (a major organic search parameter) and can be turned into natural-feeling anchor text, when you publicize each one.  Create a signature “look” – brand your videos.

How To Help it Go Viral

Your choice of subject will play a huge part in whether or not your video goes viral.. but even with the driest or simplest subject (and remember, simpler is better) one of the major steps you are taking is making sure your URL gets “out there”.

Don’t just include it prominently with your upload information: Display your URL at the beginning and end of your actual video. Search engines won’t find graphic links, of course, but it’s yet another way of getting known.

The real strategy lies in other places you promote your video. You should link not just your website but:

  • Publicize it via Twitter links
  • Digg
  • Your Facebook or MSN page
  • YahooVideo
  • – Your Homepage

Create a separate channel for it on YouTube, and create a separate category for it in your blog.

Use your videos to thank people who have helped you, or contributed to your answer. Never be shy about sharing praise – people appreciate it and in turn are more likely to promote your link. Mention at the end of your video that you are available for guest posts or interviews.

These are both great opportunities to publicize your anchor text links. (Send out press releases too – but make sure they’re about the subject; not about you. Something readers will want to check out, answering the inevitable question, what’s “in it” for them.

Don’t ignore YouTube communities, either. Add your video to any community or subject area where its relevance will be appreciated.

Above all, focus on helping the viewer, not publicizing your URL.  After all, one of the main benefits will be in an increase in popularity and web visibility. And the more you’re in demand,  the more people will want to link to your anchor text and URLs.

That’s the best link building strategy, in the long run!

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