Double Your Sales with Backend Selling and Up Selling

If you are selling a product and making profit on the front-end, without any attention to up sells or other forms of backend profits, chances are, you’re missing out on a lot of profit.

Fortunes can be made by selling backend products to customers eager to devote time and money to their interests.

Basically, suppose you’ve already sold a product to a customer and then give them a link to a page where they can access it. Now, instead of linking them straight to that page, you can create an up sell that shows the customer a one time offer, which can also be called a backend sell. So, while a front-end sale is your main product, anything you sell the customer who has already bought it is a backend sale. Increasing the backend sale can greatly increase profit.

When you create a product, realize that you can make more than one sale to the potential customer. Anyone who’s making one online purchase is likely to make two.

Many people go wrong while offering the customer extra products. You have to ensure that the extra you are offering is connected to the front-end product. For example, if you are selling information about generating revenue with free traffic, as your front-end product, then the backend product must also be about generating traffic.

Another thing you can do to increase backend profits is have an extra offer on the download page itself. This way, when the customer visits the page to download his/her purchase, he/she will notice the product. Offers placed on the download page need not be as connected to the front-end product as those placed on an up sell. This lets you advertise any product.

Another method to increase backend profits is to simply request the name and e-mail address of your customer. Having obtained this information, you can mail him/her catalogues, or simply notify them about your products via email. While this sounds obvious, a number of people fail to do it. This is a good method of increasing our backend profits as it helps you build a relationship with your clientele and forge a loyal customer-base.

These are simply a few basic tips to get you started.

Once you settle down and think of more ways to increase backend sales, you are likely to find that your profit margin has increased considerably.

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