Product review websites are hot property. It’s true, there is real money to be made by creating your very own niche product review website or blog.

Just look at sites like Yelp!, Angie’s List, Epinions, and more. Product review sites sell products and make money both for the site owner (publisher) and for the product owner (vendor). But, with so many product review sites already available how can you create a money making product review website?

How To Make Money With Product Review Websites

It all starts with what you know and who you know. Choose a niche that resonates with your own life. If you’re a mother, choose a mommy niche because you’re likely already an expert. You can promote products that moms who are like you will want, use and enjoy. If you’re a breastfeeding mom you can create a niche site devoted to all things breastfeeding. You can review breast pumps, nursing shirts and bras, creams, lotions and even vitamins. As long as the products are related to breast feeding you’ll attract the right audience.

Your niche is not as important as the fact that it’s focused, comprehensive and frank. You can’t beat around the bush, or lie to people about a product. If they buy it, they’ll return it, in which case you won’t get the cash for the product review anyway. If they don’t return it, they still won’t come back to your product review site for information on which products to buy. You’ll have lost the reader’s trust and nothing is as important as your reader’s trust.

Create a product review website that is super focused on one niche catering to people ready to buy

Give the Good with the Bad — Every product has good and bad points therefore, it is imperative that you tell the audience that. A good formula is tell them the good, tell them the bad, and leave them with the good again.

You don’t have to completely destroy a product with a bad review, unless you just need to, but you can be honest and mention the bad with the good. Your audience will appreciate it and the product creators may just change their product due to your honest assessment.

Know your Audience — You can’t find the right products if you don’t know who your audience is. Additionally, it is important to write a product review directed toward that audience. Knowing the audience will ensure that you know what buzz words to use that creates trust, and realization that they need the product you’re talking about.

Give All the Information — Your readers need to know who produces the product or service, where they can buy it, and that you make a percentage of sales or that you were given a free product or all of the above. It is important to tell the truth and in this case, not telling can be illegal. Readers must know whether you paid for the product to review it, or whether you were given a review copy, sample or example.

Practice Good SEO — If you want a lot of visitors to come to your product review website then you must practice good SEO. SEO is search engine optimization. This means that you work to optimize your website for the benefit of a search engine like Google so that visitors can find your website.

Choose a domain name that has search terms in it, create content containing those search terms, and load it with products that have descriptions containing search terms that your target market is looking for.

Don’t try to be ironic with domain names and headlines. A review site is not a newspaper, use keywords spelled correctly that promote products that your target audience needs.

Which brings me to the next issue regarding your website, the platform or software that you build it with. I’ll just say it straight out, use self-hosted WordPress to build your website. It’s a free open source platform that can be modified in so many ways using free and custom themes as well as plugins, and widgets that you can create a very unique website for each niche product review site that you want to build.

It’s also very easy to understand and the WordPress community are among the kindest and most helpful of all the website and blogging technologies there are.

All the best with your product reviews :)

How To Make Money With Product Review Websites

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