As an Internet Marketer, you already understand the need to provide your target market with helpful and useful products that they can rely on.

As an established business owner, you also understand the importance of developing a sense of trust between you and your customer base, because at the end of the day, they will continue coming back and making future purchases if they know that you are someone they can trust.

As the central, or at least very important, piece of your business, information products require three main ingredients, or the three “R’s”:

Research. Before you can put together a truly useful and informative product, you must do perform some research. Of course it all starts with an idea – an idea you have developed through getting to know and understanding the needs of your target market.

But an idea will only get you so far. You will have to research the ins and outs of that idea. From who it applies to, to what it entails, why it is important and how it works. Research is a key ingredient for any information product and is
the one thing that all other aspects depend upon.

Reliability. You can’t create a reliable information product if you haven’t done the research. (That is why research is so important.) A reliable source – such as yourself – only becomes known as reliable if you put forth information others have put to the test, and know to be true.

If your customers know they can rely on you, they will continue to buy your products and better yet, they will also tell others about how valuable your products are. One of the best forms of advertising is word of mouth, because no matter how much money you invest or how much time you spend on trying to market your products, one bad review can ruin everything you have worked for. So work hard to make sure every review is a great one.

Resources. You will want your information products to become known as valuable resources, not just marketing fluff. In order to create the most reliable products (which, again, you have surely researched) and gain the reputation of providing quality work, you will have to do your due-diligence in ensuring all of your “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed. Once you have done that, and are confident in your work, you will hopefully become known as a reliable resource, rather than a good idea. The goal is to become an authority within your niche and if you can do that, you will guarantee continued success.

If your information products are built upon the foundation of the three “R’s”, you will quickly realize in increase in sales. Why? Because they work. Because if you care about the quality of your work, so will others. Consumers are smarter than you think and they will recognize a well-researched, well- written, and well-composed information product when they see one.

Research, reliability and resources.

Repeat after me :)

Research, reliability and resources.

That is the recipe for information product success. Don’t create yours without!

All The Best,

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