business plans Having a successful marketing plan is essential for your business.

Profits and growth are directly proportional to effective marketing.

If you are thinking where to start the 7 step below will help you to understand the market and business.

Let’s answer the following questions:

1. Who — Who is your target market?

Who is your ideal client?

What is the research to be done for finding out more about the target market?

2. What — What does your ideal client want?

What does your product and services do for them?

What problems of your customer are solved by your product?

What solutions does your client require?

What are industry trends?

What will make your client react?

What are you selling?

What would be the price?

3. Where — Where is your ideal client?

Where are they located?

Where will you position yourself for their easy reach?

Where will they get you marketing messages from?

Will you go through personal conversations, hold seminars or write a blog, newsletter or article?

4. When — How frequent will you be with your marketing messages?

When are your clients most likely to purchase?

5. Why — Why are you in business?

Why will customers come to you?

Why should they not go to your competitors and choose your products?

6. How — How does your customer purchase?

How will you reach out to potential clienteles?

How are you going to communicate your marketing strategies?

How will you provide information to your customers to make their buying decision?

7. Marketing mindset — Try to master a marketing mindset and your small business will move towards profits and success.

Hope you enjoy this article.

All the best,
Cedric Aubry

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