We all know it’s a good thing to create multiple passive income stream online – especially through information products combined with affiliate marketing.

The benefits you often see listed include:

  • Spending lots of time with your love one.
  • Being able to work only when you feel like it.
  • The potential for unlimited financial income.
  • Flexible work schedule.

But there’s a dark side to taking that road that many people quickly find out.

And that dark side could be you.

Optimists Who Play “Hookey”

There are all sorts and types of personalities in the online community, but one type seen among entrepreneurs is “The Creative Optimist”.

What’s a Creative Optimist?

It’s someone who in their own minds is already making those millions – but only in their dreams.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you’re using it to drive yourself forward.

However, if you allow yourself to be tricked into thinking your millions are just around the next virtual
corner, without any basis for that belief, you’re setting yourself up for big trouble!

It’s easy to self-delude:

Products bombard your inboxes every hour, promising big chubby 6 figure incomes in your underwear.

They leave us with a ton of information to assimilate and use – we can keep ourselves really busy, without doing anything productive at all.

But if you use your vision to drive yourself forward, that’s a different matter altogether.

* Stay on target – focus only what you need to assimilate “right now”

* Make sure you’ve made a business plan – and check off every small goal as you reach them

* keep working hard.

Yep, it’s nice to take off for the golf course on a fine morning, instead of being stuck in an office – and isn’t that what having information products creating passive income while you play is all about?

Sure it is! But not if you haven’t yet got to the point where that income replaces your full-time salary.

Until that moment, it’s best to cut down on the “hookey” days, and focus on maximizing the products you’ve got in place, or working on the next price point in your marketing sales funnel.

Well, okay. There’s no way you’re not going to take advantage of a truly glorious morning – and the fact that this is what you stayed home for, in the first place!

But do keep track of these “hookey” mornings, afternoons – or days.

If you find yourself playing golf or hanging out three or four times a week, and you’re not yet financially
independent, that’s a big “tip off” that you’re careening off the course.

For now, keep the “hookey” mornings for those truly rare perfect days.

Then they’ll seem like the privilege they truly are – and you won’t have been lured to the Dark Side of passive income, okay Luke ;)

All The Best,

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