When you first start planning your sales funnel and creating your marketing strategy you may be confused by the terms Back-End Sales and Front-End Sales.

Understanding these concepts is key to a successful sales funnel and ultimately your online profits.

Front-End Sales.

Your Front-End Sale is the first product your prospect purchases.

In your sales funnel, this could be at any price point. Your front-end sale could be your lowest priced item, say a book or an introductory report for example.

It could also be one of your higher priced items. While most customers may enter your funnel at the very beginning, that’s not always the case.  Therefore, it pays to have back end offers designed for each and every price point in your funnel.

Back-end sales.

Back-end sales are where the money is truly made.

Your back-end products and offers are designed to enhance the product your customer just purchased or is getting ready to purchase.

For example, if your customer just purchased a book then your back-end offer might be a corresponding workbook or online course or video course to compliment the book.

The key to having a successful back-end sales strategy is to make sure each offer compliments or enhances the value of the product they just purchased.

If, for example, your customer purchased a book and your back-end offer is an unrelated software product then your customer is going to be left scratching their head. Their confidence in you and their trust in you is going to falter.  Not a good thing.

However, if your offer compliments what they just purchased or are getting ready to purchase and offers
them more value, their trust and confidence in you is going to increase.

See how this works?

The key to a successful sales funnel is to create complimentary back-end products and offers.

Understand that customers may enter your funnel at different points and be ready to up the ante, offer them more value, and increase your profts.

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