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If you’re in the internet marketing or home business industry, you must have heard of ViralHosts.com already. This all-in-one hosting and marketing service provides their users with very powerful web hosting, website building and traffic and lead generation tools. ViralHosts is constantly being improved, which helps it stay at the top!

The newest addition to the system is SimplePanel: a point-and-click hosting panel that allows you to have your own products online in less than 2 minutes! With SimplePanel, you can set up a site, blog or squeeze page in just a few clicks. There’s a huge selection of ready-to-use templates that you can choose from.

Besides the website building tools, ViralHosts is also very popular for its powerful traffic and lead generation tools, including the built-in list builder and mailer. The system promotes itself so you can build a 5 to 7 levels deep downline almost on auto-pilot! You can then of course email your list every week or less.

The system mailer is also a very popular feature among internet marketers and home business owners. With this mailer, you can email up to 6,000 random members every 3 days! That’s 60,000 emails sent in a month! Imagine how many leads per mailing you could generate! Users have reported mailings generating 20, 40 and up to 80 leads! There’s even a geo-targeting feature to get even better conversion rates!

The system mailer is only available for Gold members and higher, which is why you should definitely consider the one-time offer at sign up. You can upgrade anytime but the one-time offer really makes it great value for money. This is a proven system mailer that has generated thousands and thousands of leads already.

ViralHosts is free to join, but if you decide to upgrade, you also have access to a selection of instant products and squeeze pages, so you can have a product and squeeze page ready to be promoted in just a few clicks! This is a custom-built solution, which means you won’t find it anywhere else!

Here is a shortlist of the features you get:

  • Reliable, Marketer-Friendly Hosting (Storage & Bandwidth)
  • Point-and-Click Hosting Panels (SimplePanel & cPanel) <<<
  • 1000+ Website Templates & Squeeze Page Templates
  • Instant Products & Squeeze Pages! (Awesome Value!) <<<
  • Powerful List Builder & Mailer (5 to 7 Levels Deep)
  • System Mailer to Email 3,000 or 6,000 Every 3 Days! <<<
  • Great advertising Tools for Targeted Traffic
  • Affiliate Program with TONS of Promo Tools

ViralHosts even pays you per thousand page views on your site and from all your referrals. It also has a great affiliate program with a high commission structure (above industry-average commission rates): from 40 to 60% on upgrades!

Again, at sign up, make sure you consider the one-time offer because this is amazing value for money! If you have any questions about ViralHosts, feel free to leave a comment or contact their help desk at Reply2Colin.com

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  1. Fran Aslam @kw LUV

    Hey Cedric:

    Thanks for dropping by to my site. Well I read your blog post, and it has real contents and you have added all the information in one post. Google and other search engines are always ready to index posts like these and so you are ahead in your business. Search engine robots will index to crawl your post with in minutes of publishing. And people will love to read your post because it will give them outstanding information.

    Well keep up with your mission to provide the best info to fellow marketers

    Fran Aslam

  2. test automation

    Viral Host starts off by giving you free hosting, but it doesn’t just stop there. If you don’t already have a website, the program will furnish you with website templates upon which you can build one. It also pays you a small amount for every 1000 visitors you bring to the site you host through them. So, basically, you can actually earn money by using their web hosting.

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