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Starting and running a small business is an exciting venture, one wrought with technology pitfalls, money wasters, and time suckers. However, if you use WordPress as your website building technology you can develop a lean business model that will surpass your competition while still having a fully functional, interactive and dynamic website. What’s more, your website will look better too, because WordPress is visually pleasing, has awesome typography, and looks modern.

WordPress is not just a blogging platform. If you think that, then you’re confused with WordPress.com service as a blog hosting service and the platform. The “WordPress” that runs WordPress.com, which is available on WordPress.org is just the platform, and you can use that same system on your own server. Additionally, many web hosting companies will install an initial instance of WordPress for you, using whatever is the current default theme. This makes using WordPress to build your business site even more convenient, because you don’t actually need to know anything about servers and the technology behind it.

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WordPress is SEO optimized — SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this is important because the way people find your business website  is by searching for it via a search engine like Google. Being able to have an optimized website will make it that much easier for your potential clients to locate your business website.

WordPress is easy to use — The fact that WordPress is easy to use is really an understatement. Yes, you will need to learn a few things, but if you can use your bank’s online website, Facebook, or other popular destinations, then you can learn how to use self-hosted WordPress as your online business website building platform.

WordPress has tons of extensions — Due to neat little programs called “plugins” it’s simple to extend your business website’s functionality. This makes it possible to start small, and then increase the types of content you offer your clients and potential clients on your site such as, message boards, a members only area, affiliate area and more.

WordPress is very popular — Due to the fact that so many people use it, develop it, and out and out love WordPress this makes it very simple to find information about working with WordPress. Being open source software,  means that many different people who understand code can develop plugins, create tutorials, learn to be WordPress service providers easier and more.

It’s free — What more can be said about the fact that the initial platform is free? Many times people think that free equates to bad, but the truth is, in the case of software, open source means it is often more functional than other types of proprietary software.

Premium Available — You can purchase premium themes and plugins which often make your website look better, have more built in features and superior functionality than the ones you can get free from WordPress.org to create an even more professional image. And what’s more, you can start out with free, and upgrade as your business becomes more profitable.

To Your WordPress Success ;)

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