Hey Guys,

I’ve got something really exciting to share with you today!

My good Buddy Soren Jordansen and is partner John Merrick just released a new program called Instant Banner Creator.

I’m very excited about this one… It’s so easy to create professional looking, eye catching graphics.

You point… you click… you are done!

You don’t have to know Photoshop, Flash, or anything more complicated than operating a web browser to design high-performing banners, buttons, headers, footers etc.

Take the Instant Banner Creator Tour:

With Instant Banner Creator, in seconds, you can make professional:

And it gets better…

Just Added… Peel Away Ads!

They are all the rage. Unobtrusive sales collectors… Peel Away Ad images.

Yours in seconds!

Watch the video…

With InstantBanner Creator, you can make banners, headers buttons and peel away ads from scratch. And you can also use IBC to make custom splash pages.


Instant Banner Creator is so simple to use. Just follow the step-by-step wizard and you can’t go wrong.

create your own banner free

All The Best,
cedric aubry

Hello Everyone,

Today my good friend Soren Jordansen and is partner John Merrick are launching a new product called Floating Action Button.

This is a brand new technology that allows you to place a few lines of code on your website or blog, and have your order buttons float around and blend in with your sales letter.

But that’s just one of the many uses for this awesome script – you can “float” just about anything on your site, including video, audio, opt-in forms etc.

I’m very excited about all the cool stuff I can do with the Floating Action Button script.

Watch This Video And Discover How Floating Action button Can Easily Double Your Conversion Rates!

I give Floating Action Button my highest recommendation for anyone who wants to see instant results.

John Merrick and Soren Jordansen are launching this product at a very special intro price and I think you will be pleasantly surprised… But you have to grab it now, because the price will go up after the first week.

Don’t Let Your Leads & Sales Float Away!

Grab Your Copy Today!


To Your Success,
Cedric Aubry

What is the single biggest mistake that affiliate marketers, and possibly you, make in their business?

Not capturing prospect and customer information!

Do you know the best way to keep in touch with your customers?

With A follow up email system called an “AutoResponder

If you really do business online, you need a really good autoresponder.

Aweber has all the features you would expect from a professional autoresponder.

Aweber has been in the autoresponder business since 1998 and have a very large base of established and satisfied customers – and for good reason.

Aweber truly stands out from the crowd as it provides all the typical features you would expect as well as many others not found in any other autoresponder service.

The customer service is impeccable. After signing up I received a letter in the mail with a card I could cut out and leave next to my computer.

It had all the ways to contact them right there. And that was before I had a question :)  (they are even available over the phone)

Aweber’s remotely-hosted email marketing system runs completely in your web browser and can be maintained from virtually anywhere in the world.

Aweber autoresponder Major Features:

* Unlimited autoresponders.

* Unlimited personalized follow up messages.

* Unlimited campaigns.

* Templates pre-designed HTML to allow larger fonts, bold, colors, and images. Fully customizable.

* Unlimited personalized broadcast newsletters and segmented broadcast capability.

* Easy web form generator allows easy addition of opt-in forms to your website, pop-ups, pop-overs, hover pops, and exit pops along with split testing of different forms.

* Automated ad tracking features.

* Complete 24/7 control over your own account, via an online control panel.


Aweber should be your first choice when starting out in this business..  Complete SET OF video tutorials are provided once you sign-up and these really help you to get your first list rolling within the shortest amount of time possible.

If you’re confused about any particular feature, Aweber is on hand to help.

I seriously cannot come up with any negatives for Aweber. I think Aweber is a phenomenal tool for anyone looking at automating their business, and I am happy to recommend them.

The AWeber email autoresponder is so easy to get started that you will be on your way in only three simple steps.

1) Instantly create a risk free membership that is yours free for 30 full days.

2) Add a form to capture website visitor subscriptions without any programming experience.

3) Create and send follow up e-mails and newsletters to your opt-in subscribers and watch your business grow.

Take The Aweber FREE Test Drive

To your list building success,
Cedric Aubry

hye Guys,

Today I wanted to tell you about this cool plugin aimed at helping webmasters who deal with search engine optimization.

It allows user to view a large number of Search Engine parameters on the fly.

With this Free SEO plugin you can analyze all kinds of data not only about your own sites but your competitions :)

Here are Just some of the features of this great plugin:

  • Google PR Indentifier
  • Alexa Rank
  • Whois information
  • How many pages are indexed in Google
  • How many pages are indexed in MSN
  • How many pages are indexed in Yahoo
  • How many sites are linking to yours in Yahoo
  • Page Keyword density

And so much more…

You’ll be surprise by all the data this free little plugin will return and you’ll save a lot of time on all your research :)

You may get this great plugin for firefox or Internet explorer at the link below:


All The Best,
Cedric Aubry Affiliate Marketign Secrets