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I just wanted to write a quick post today about something that’s been on my mind for awhile.

People frequently ask me how to get going on their affiliate internet marketing business or how they can make money online or what products they should sell. But I can only answer those questions to a certain extent.

I don’t know their experience level, nor do I know what they may have already tried and how much effort they put into it, or what they did right or wrong with it, etc., etc.

But what I do know is that many of them need to FOCUS on doing one thing at a time and then TAKE ACTION instead of being indecisive. Otherwise they’ll end up frustrated and get nowhere. And unfortunately, we see that much too often online.

Here’s a step-by-step method (in a nutshell) to get yourself going on your affiliate internet marketing business:

1. Choose a product to sell or create your own short report. (you’ll find plenty of products to sell here)

2. Choose a method for promoting that product, whether it’s article marketing, classified ads or blogging. (Or any other method you choose, but pick just ONE for now.)

3. Promote your product via the method you choose above until you see results, even if the results are slow at first. Then keep doing what you’re doing to bring more traffic and sales. In other words, write more articles, place more ads or add more posts to your blog.

Note:: if you don’t get any traffic after a few days of heavily promoting then something isn’t right. Take a look at your method and tweak your article title, headline or classified ad copy. (Or whatever applies to your method.)

Note: if you get traffic, but no sales then you need to check out your offer. Is your traffic targeted enough? Is the price right? Find out what similar products in your  niche sell for and change the price if necessary.

4. Once you get some results using the above method, start promoting using another method. I don’t mean to quit using the first method, though. I mean use TWO methods at one time. (For instance, write articles AND post to your blog.)  When you’re seeing results from method #2, start a 3rd method, and so on.

5. After you’ve got product #1 going well, repeat steps 1-4 with another product.

I know that’s a bit over-simplified, but that’s really all there is to it to make money with your affiliate internet marketing business. But if you don’t FOCUS and TAKE ACTION you’ll resemble a hamster in a wheel.

OK, it’s time for you to get going on your affiliate marketing business. Repeat after me:

I don’t have to get it right. I just have to get it going.”  :~)

Have a great day!

The back end offers is what really separates professional marketers making
six to seven, even eight figures a year from most beginning marketers. The back end is what allows the top performers online to make “the big bucks.”

The back end quite literally affects every single thing in your business. It’s the lifeblood of your entire online marketing business. Yet far too often beginning business owners choose to ignore the back end.

What exactly is the back end offer and why is it so critical to success?

What is the Back End?

The “back end” is the products and services that are offered after the first sale. A well constructed back end will have multiple products, in multiple media, sold in multiple ways at multiple price points.

The purpose behind the back end is to maximize the amount of money you get from each and every customer.

Some customers are willing to only pay $50. Others are willing to pay up to $300. While others, about 5% to 10% of your customers, are what’s called your “super loyals” – They’ll buy just about anything you sell.

By offering a range of products and services up and down the price range, you maximize your ability to monetize all your customers.

If a customer wants to spend $50, you’ll make $50. If they want to spend $5,000, you’ll make $5,000.

Most business owners leave a ton of money on the table by not having a back end. Imagine only making $50 sales when your clients are actually willing to pay you $5,000. It’s a tragic waste of potential earnings – Yet it happens all the time.

There are many benefits to creating backend offers.

Here are just a few.

Benefit #1: It’s 7 Times Easier to Sell an Existing Customer Than a New Customer Statistics and tracking results have shown time and time again that it’s far, far easier to sell an existing customer than it is to sell a new customer.

It’s not uncommon for back end offers to get as much as 5%, 10%, even up to 20% conversion. As a rule of thumb, it’s about 7 times easier to sell an existing customer than it is a new customer.

That means that if you’re getting a 1% conversion off your cold traffic, the same offer to someone who’s already bought from you would convert at about 7%. For every 15 return visitors, you’ll make as much as you would have from 100 people seeing the same offer for the first time.

Naturally, this makes selling much easier for you. In addition to making things easier, it’s also simply much more profitable.

Benefit #2: You Can Sell Much Higher Priced Items

Would you ever pay someone you just met $5,000? Possible, but very, very unlikely.

Would you pay someone $5,000 for business consulting – If you’ve known for years, if they’ve already helped you earn $30,000, and they’re guaranteeing you at least make your money back or he’ll give you back every dime?

Much more likely.

The fact is, repeat customers are much more willing to spend money with you, for several reasons:

1.They know firsthand that the quality of the product or service is high.

2.They have more trust for you.

3.They’ve experienced your customer service already.

4.It’s easier to do business with you, someone they already know, than to go out and find another product or service.

“All things being equal, people will do business with people they know
and like. All things not being equal, people will still do business
with people they know and like.”
Bob Burg

If you’re selling high ticket items, you’ll make much more sales from people who already know you.

If you have a customer base already, then it’s time to add high ticket sales. It’s pretty simple: They already know you, trust you and are ready to give you money.

Benefit #3: You’re Building Your Customer Relationships

Truly profitable businesses are built on thriving customer relationships.

Many beginning entrepreneurs try to build businesses based on the first sale. Instead of having their attention on building long-lasting, highly profitable long term relationships, they focus on just making the sale once.

These businesses inevitably fail.

Building long term customer relationships are how you bring in both a high volume of sales and high ticket sales.

But the benefits don’t end there.

There are many benefits to building relationships with customers that you can’t predict.

For example, one speaker eventually found that when he started new businesses ventures and needed investors, the only place he needed to look was his customers. He raised over $5 million dollars simply by asking satisfied customers who had money if they’d invest in his new business.

Another example is that a customer may mention how incredible your product is to an industry leader they know, resulting in speaking or JV opportunities.

The list of potential benefits goes on and on. The magic of human connections is that they’re often unpredictable, but generally when you invest the time and energy into cultivating human relationships, you’ll be paid off. Even if these relationships are online.

Benefit #4: It Increases Your EPC, So You Can Spend More on Advertising and Get More Traffic

Your Earnings Per Click, or EPC, is one of the most important numbers when it comes to customer acquisition.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how EPC works:

Let’s say you have just one product. The product sells for $30. One out of every 100 people on your website buy this product.

That means out of every 100 clicks, you make $30. Each click in turn is worth $0.30. Your Earnings Per Click or EPC is $0.30.

This number is important because it then determines how much you can spend on advertising to get new customers.

If you pay less than $0.30 cents per click, you’re making money. If you pay more than $0.30 cents for a customer, you’re losing money.

There are many sources of traffic you can buy for $0.30 cents a click – And many sources you can’t.

You could probably advertise with Google AdWords and other pay per click engines. You probably couldn’t do banner ads or offline advertising.

In other words, because your EPC is relatively low, you can only advertise in certain mediums.

Now, let’s take a look at how this looks if you have back end products.

Let’s say you have a product that sells at $30 with a 1% conversion. You have another product at $300 that 25% of your existing customers purchase. On top of that, you have a $2,000 six month course that 10% of your buyers will purchase.

That means that every buyer is worth an extra $75 + $200, for a total of an average customer value of $305. That means that instead of having an EPC of
$0.30, you now have an EPC of $3.05.

Instead of only being able to spend $0.30 cents to acquire a customer, you can now spend up to three dollars!

This opens up a whole new range of mediums. You can now afford to place direct response banner ads on high volume websites related to your industry. You may test out magazine advertising in industry magazines.

Increasing your EPC basically allows you to spend more money to acquire each and every visitor. Since you can spend more, this opens up more mediums and allows you to bid for premium positions, resulting in more visitors.

The more visitors you get, the more cash flow you have to play with. This in turn can help you fund more products to build your back end with, which in turn will increase your EPC even further.

The process of building a back end starts you on an upward cycle of higher customer value and acquiring more customers, which will eventually take your business to heights you can only dream about right now.

If You Don’t Have a Back End, You Don’t Have a Business

If you have just one product, then what you have is a product, not a business.

If you want a business that can eventually sustain itself without your everyday input, if you want a business that can produce at least five figures a month consistently, then it’s critical that you build a back end.

The back end is more than just a matter of creating products; it’s a shift in mindsets. It’s a switch from the mindset of making a quick buck by sticking a product online and the mindset of a real business that’s there to create a long term, cash-generating asset.

All The Best,

Autoresponders save time and time is money while building your lists.

If you send promotional emails from your ISP, you will be reported as a spammer. The next thing you know, you might have to close shop.

Autoresponders can be exclusively used to send these routine follow up emails to the thousands of contacts on the list. You can plan and keep your emails ready, and set the autoresponder to send it at the specific intervals you want.

It can keep track of subscribers signing in and even respond to let them know they have been signed in. Practically every single routine emailing activity can be handled by the autoresponder, which is why no online marketing can do without it.

How It Works

You can use a follow up autoresponder that can keep the follow up work ongoing with your contacts. No subscriber is going to worry about when your next email is coming, and you certainly cannot expect them to remember your particular message among the hundreds they must be getting on a daily basis.

That’s where an autoresponder comes in. To keep your business information alive in the subscriber’s mind.

Program It And It Does The Rest.

You only have to keep your messages ready, decide on a sending schedule and your autoresponder takes care of the rest for as long as you have set it.

This will mean that you can concentrate on other equally important issues while your sales keep coming in, thanks to your autoresponder’s faithful follow up.

In fact, it even lets you go on holiday while it keeps your office practically running!. Your autoresponder can help you send out useful information to your contacts.

Instead of using the same: dear subscriber: for all your contacts, you can make your autoresponder address each contact by name and send the email.

It is always nicer to receive an email addressed to us personally than get the feeling that we are one in a massive group of recipients. The autoresponder can even be programmed to wish your contacts “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings”

List Tracking

It can track your lists. This means you can make carefully thought out offers to your target audience. They just want to know what is in it for them. So you can structure your message accordingly so that it appeals to them.

Experienced online marketers recommend that it is better to use autoresponders that give you an update about contact statistics. This can be split into month/week/day to tell you which of your leads are active and which ones have opted out, helping you in healthy list maintenance.

Keeping In Touch

Autoresponders help you in keeping in touch with your subscribers, giving them relevant information about your business, say, when you get fresh stocks or if you are planning a discount sale. Or you can even make your new subscribers some kind of special offer. This will keep your contact list alive and help you turn them into continuous sales!

You can also get your autoresponder to get activated when a contact signs up at your website. After they write their name and email address, when they send the information, it goes to the autoresponder URL that will send an acknowledgement right away.

Factors To Consider While Buying An Autoresponder.

When you decide to use an autoresponder, you want to ensure that it is the one best suited to your needs in terms of performance, customer support, features and cost. These parameters must be balanced and convince you that it is the right one for you.

In terms of performance, the main thing to consider while getting an autoresponder is delivery of email. The higher the ability to deliver emails, the better.  The provider of the autoresponder must support you with prompt customer service that knows what it is talking about.

Just imagine getting stuck half way through your campaign! So look for one that is accessible easily and responds quickly.

Features are only as useful as you find them for your business. It is possible that you may not use all the features your autoresponder provides. But you can have it working efficiently for you when you are clear about what you want and set it accordingly.

Next, you want to check that what you are paying to use your autoresponder does not cut into your profits. After all, you are trying to find ways to build your lists, not incur losses. So check what it will cost you in service, set up, monthly expenditure and other costs that may not have been mentioned.

There is no use getting an autoresponder that you can’t afford.

Sequential Auto responders.

Technology is advancing all the time to make the online marketer’s life easier. Many online business use what are called sequential autoresponders. These collect and save the names and email addresses of your contacts. This enables it to continue to send messages in sequential intervals, set by you, to your potential contacts. It can also take attached documents.

To summarize, your autoresponder can help you build massive lists depending on what you use it for. It helps in building an impression of your reliability, makes your customers have more faith in you and keeps them thinking about you.

This will lead to more profits through frequent sales.

All The best,



One of the best ways to explain targeted traffic is through this example:

Assuming you had a website that is centered on the dog grooming niche. It’d undoubtedly be a place where your visitors could check out various techniques of dog grooming, learn about some of the common problems when grooming dogs, and so on.

Now, if you somehow ended up getting a ton of traffic, but it all came from people looking for alien conspiracy theories, well… you‟d undoubtedly notice that most of your visitors just leave your website immediately since it is not what they were looking for.

Admittedly, that is a slightly wild example, but it serves to illustrate the point fairly well.

Even if your visitors were looking for something more closely related to your niche, such as dog training tips, or dog healthcare tips; the end result would be the same once they discover that you are not offering what they want.

Due to this, you want the traffic that does get to your website to consist of people who actually want to learn about dog grooming and are genuinely interested in it.

If you can get a steady stream of such people flowing in, then without a doubt your conversion rate would be higher.

Actually, you could conceivably obtain traffic that is even more targeted.

Assuming you have monetized your blog to sell eBooks about dog grooming, then if the traffic that goes to your website consists of mostly people who already intend to buy resources about dog grooming – well, that would be very ideal.

At the end of the day, the more tightly focused and targeted your traffic is, the greater your results.

All the best,